Complimentary Report: The Latest Research
to Guide Sales Enablement Success

2017_CSO_Insights_Sales_EnablementThe third annual CSO Insights’ Sales Enablement Optimization Study presents the latest research on how and why this discipline is moving from the margins to the mainstream, its impact on sales performance, and the growing mandate for a customer-centric approach.

Also included, and new for 2017 is the Sales Force Enablement Clarity Model, which serves as a step-by-step guide to help practitioners assemble their sales enablement strategy and operations for maximum impact.

Download now to explore more on these major findings:

  • 59.2% of survey participants now have a dedicated sales enablement function within their company
  • Enablement teams are increasingly linking programs to performance goals, but measurement challenges persist
  • Aligning internal sales processes to the customer journey is now a critical success factor
  • Dynamic sales coaching can influence performance impact, improving win rates by double digits

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