Continuous Delivery of Sales Training Results in 21% Uplift in Sales Goal Achievement

As sales organizations undergo constant change in markets, product and buyer behaviors, sales training and enablement leaders must continuously  retool sales reps to keep pace. 

This is forcing sales enablement leaders to challenge sales learning and development programs and invest in new learning modalities that equip sales teams with the knowledge, skills and behaviors they need to meet sales performance goals. 

To better understand sales L&D trends and drivers of sales performance in the enterprise sales profession,  The Sales Management Association and Qstream recently conducted research to gather insight from industry practitioners on:

  • Current practices in sales learning and development
  • The most impactful learning and development topics and the effectiveness of each
  • Management’s expectations for future training investments
  • Training effectiveness and impact on sales and business performance
  • The role of technology in facilitating effective sales training

Here’s a sneak peak of the findings:

  • Sales reps spend 21 days a year on average on training with new sales reps spending about 30 days. This is deemed too little, yet largely ineffective 
  • Only 23% of firms’ stated that their sales training efforts are effective and 28% are somewhat effectiveSales L&D investment will increase over the next three years in 63% of firms and 33% of firms said there will be no change on investments
  • Firms with continuous delivery of training and development content outperform other firms, with 21% greater sales objective achievement, and 35% more effective sales training overallFirms that emphasize customized training vs. one-size-fits-all approaches have overall sales training effectiveness ratings 40% higher than their peers’ and 32% higher firm sales objective achievement.
  • Sales forces capable of adapting to new ways of delivering customer value outperform other firms by 32% and those able to implement new sales messaging quickly enjoy a 25% advantage
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