Studies show that diversity and inclusion programs are more than just a feel-good initiative for businesses. In fact, a Boston Consulting Group study found that companies with more diverse management teams have 19% higher revenue due to the innovation those teams drive.  

As organizational changes evolve, so, too, must the way diversity training is approached. Diversity and inclusion (D&I) in the workplace is experiencing a fundamental shift; simply acknowledging employees’ differences has evolved to utilizing and leveraging their unique talents to reach business goals. Diversity practitioners have the opportunity to educate and help employees better understand and harness the differences that exist among them to drive business results. Building respectful and inclusive workplace cultures help employees to feel valued and improves productivity.

Qstream works with corporate trainers and instructional designers to break up D&I content into job-related scenarios and delivers it in an engaging and effective way to drive behavior change through greater employee understanding and reinforcing standards of more inclusive company culture.

In particular, Qstream has partnered with Culture Coach International, a leading diversity training and consulting firm, to help companies reinforce diversity and inclusion programs. Working with Culture Coach, Qstream’s microlearning solution can reinforce a broad range of evolving D&I topics, including:

  • Diversity terminology
  • Race, gender, or disability awareness
  • Impact of unconscious bias
  • Communication within teams and across cultures
  • Working on diverse teams

This new approach gives companies an innovative way to drive the behavior changes that support diverse and multicultural teams in creating cultures that drive engagement, innovation and productivity.

Download this guide to learn how Qstream and Culture Coach help with diversity and inclusion training:

  • Scenario-based training to change employee behaviors in the workplace
  • Delivering D&I content in the flow of work without affecting employee productivity
  • Providing human resource leaders a way to measure and reinforce individuals knowledge on specific diversity and inclusion topics
  • Highlight areas of concern for targeting coaching and interventions