Thursday, May 21, 2020
10:00 am EST | 4:00 pm CET

To be effective, relevant and engaging learning programs must replicate what learners are experiencing every day. Challenging and relevant content engages learners, sparks critical thinking skills and makes content stick. By increasing the use of scenario and video-based challenges, training organizations can increase long-term knowledge retention and recall of information, change behaviors and impact performance.

In this session, Rachel Norton will walk through how to align microlearning programs with business results. Specifically, Rachel will cover:

  • Steps for crafting effective scenario-based challenge questions to help learners with decision-making and critical thinking skills.
  • Why it’s important to plan and understand your audience's role and organizations goals before developing a learning program.
  • Supplementing video role-play training with knowledge reinforcement to make it an active learning through practice.