overcoming compliance training challenges


Overcoming 5 Regulatory Compliance Training Challenges with Microlearning in the Life Sciences Industry

Make compliance training much more than a check-the-box activity.

In the high-stakes life sciences industry, failing to follow the industry’s copious rules and regulations can be costly. According to a study of 26 large drug firms published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, 85% received financial penalties over a 14-year period. Fines for activities like pricing violations, off-label marketing and kickbacks cost the companies $33 billion combined.

This whitepaper shares proven strategies for combatting the top regulatory compliance training challenges facing the life sciences industry. You'll learn how microlearning can help your organization...

  • Increase learning proficiency for maximum business impact
  • Provide quick, effective, personalized training for medical professionals in the flow of work
  • Identify targeted coaching opportunities & refine future training initiatives

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