A well planned, designed, and executed employee training program is the foundation for organizational success but it is difficult to know where to start when designing an effective learning experience. An impactful microlearning program starts with great content and should be fun, fast, and engaging for learners, reinforcing job-specific information so learners can increase their long-term knowledge.

For a small fee, Qstream is providing a content workshop exclusively for customers in our Dublin or Burlington office to introduce the concepts behind successful learning strategies and how they can be applied to your content writing. The content is broken up into four sections over the course of one day to provide you with everything you need to know to write good Qstream content. During the workshop, you will get hands-on practice to create a successful learning program by:

  • Learning the science behind creating successful learning content for long term retention and the impact content has on reporting and results
  • Identifying training objectives and success measures for improving job proficiency
  • Developing scenario-based challenge questions to trigger critical thinking
  • Experience the Qstream content development process and best practices and leave with a Qstream ready to launch to your organization