The Knowledge Reinforcement eBook

Companies spend a lot of time and money developing quality training content and courses and then wonder why those newly taught materials aren’t being translated into applying the appropriate behaviors on the job. What’s not being considered is what happens after training: all of the information that was taught is lost because knowledge wasn’t immediately reinforced after the training was complete.

Knowledge reinforcement is a post-training strategy that is used to continuously follow-up with the learner right after they completed training to help them recall the knowledge and practice the right behaviors. To maximize learning retention, training content must be repurposed and curated into microlearning and delivered using the spacing and testing effect to make sure the learner has retained the key concepts in an engaging learning experience. 

In this eBook, we’re sharing everything you need to know about knowledge reinforcement. Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • The science behind knowledge reinforcement and how people acquire new knowledge, recall it and change behaviors.
  • Where knowledge reinforcement fits into your current learning ecosystem and different training use cases it can be used for.
  • How knowledge reinforcement protects your training investments and helps you demonstrate an ROI on your training efforts.

Scientifically proven strategies for building long-term knowledge retention