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Microlearning is part of a new era of how corporate learning and training is delivered to fit the way people learn at work. Continuous learning through microlearning focuses on specific skills and must-know information related to the business and an employee’s job. Aragon Research CEO and Lead Corporate Learning Analyst, Jim Lundy, recommends that, “corporate enterprises need to evolve from relying on legacy learning technology to adopting innovative microlearning software such as Qstream to engage employees with business-critical content for obtaining insightful learning analytics that go beyond traditional reporting.”

In this paper, Aragon Research performs a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis of Qstream's microlearning technology, and delves into an examination of its market position. This paper is an ideal reference for organizations looking to learn more about the capabilities of an innovative microlearning platform that engages employees and eradicates skill gaps through actionable analytics. It takes a deep dive into what industries, learning topics, and business functions would benefit most from microlearning technology. Their report provides buyer recommendations for organizations evaluating microlearning technology like Qstream. Learn how Qstream’s microlearning platform addresses common L&D training pain points through continuous learning and proficiency analytics and if it would be a fit for your company’s needs.

Are you interested in what's included in this Microlearning analyst paper? Watch the video below to get a quick sneak peek.